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  1. SOIA is about passing on wisdom, knowledge and understanding to the younger generation(s). Young people today are facing issues wherein their onetime decisions can drastically affect their life for years to come. They have the opportunity to become millionaires or even billionaire businesspeople (as such SOIA have an angel investing division). To become great athletes, scientists, entertainers, or whatever they desire to be in life if they make the right decisions and have the right skills and talents. (We provide scholarships to young people doing and accomplishing certain things with us.) Or sadly, the possibility exist that they can become addicted to things we never thought of at their age if the make the wrong decisions. People who chose to become involved with SOIA as mentors and coaches have the opportunity to share insights and influence SOIA young people to become the best they can be in life with proper character development and learning proper decision-making skills. By learning from others, the children, and young people, can learn how and what makes wise decisions in life by being involved as a young person with SOIA. Our mentors and coaches are there to help influence lives of young people by taking an active part and being involved with the friends and family of their children. SOIA is a community thing to enhance the youth locally, nationally, and even globally as people become involved with SOIA. Check us out you will be glad you did and even more so if you engage with us and become involved in the lives of our children, young people and community. Chaplain Zane


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